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levi’s make our mark


As part of its “Make Our Mark” campaign, Levi’s footed the bill for the Station to Station train – a roving art experience assembled by experimental artist Doug Aitken that combines technology, art and music. Four digital art projects hosted on the #Makeourmark site asked people to post on four simple questions using social channels and collaborate with the artist and events happening on board the train. To connect the artists with the audience we created The Maker Tools.
The tools included a 1939 Graflex Speed Graphic Camera and a 1953 Bolex B-8 Video Camera that post to Instagram, a 1953 Gibson ES-125 Guitar linked to Soundcloud, and a 1901 Underwood No. 5 Typewriter that posts to Twitter. We asked artists like Pharrell, Cat Power and Dave Eggers to create art pieces with the tools using an RFID leather bracelet to sync and share art projects that answered one of its campaign’s questions.


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Xbox Halo 4 launch event


For the launch of Halo 4, Microsoft wanted to energize fans and set the tone for a new trilogy,to prove that there was a new threat so big and powerfulthat even Master Chief might fall. A massive aerial light event, a giant LED UFO with the mark of the new enemy, brought the threat to life right here on earth, in the city of London.
This one-of-a-kind structure flew 9km down the River Thames, creating a sense of shock and awe in people on the ground. The event was accompanied with a viral video with footage from the happening released the next day resulting in news coverage including features on the BBC, the Sun, and Wired. A total Twitter reach of 32.3 million.

American Apparel Pool Party


Creative, Art Direction and Set Design. Pool Party was a pop-up concept store born from the collaboration between American Apparel and Tunica Studio. We set Pool Party in two different locations: Objectify 139 NY and the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art. We transformed the spaces into a multi-sensory shopping experience, blurring the boundaries between an art gallery and retail space.
The store draws its inspiration from a pool’s surface, a mesmerizing reflection of what lies beneath. We transformed the space to make the visitors feel like they could walk over the surface of the pool and discover the artifacts floating above. A summer clothing line from American Apparel with Tunica Studio designs launched at the stores, along with other exclusive collaborations with Electric Objects, Visual Magnetics and Saint Karen Ceramics.

Xbox Dance Central 2 App


The sequel to the best-selling game had new hit songs, new moves and new action, including side-by-side dance battles. The briefing was to give people an experience they want to repeat and share to convince them that Dance Central 2 deserves a spot in their living room. The Dance*Cam app extended the game beyond the console to Windows Phone, iOS and Android devices.
Dance*Cam let people create stylized music videos set to beat of hit songs to share and battle each other. As fun, social, and innovative as the game itself, users returned again and again to join in the experience achieving more than 250,000 downloads, an average of 32 repeat visits per device and multiple industry and consumer awards.


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Redbull #RedBullGivesYouWings


Red Bull was redefining what 'gives you wings' meant, helping elite athletes redefine what's possible. So we created Launchpad, a platform for people to share their big, huge, balls-to-the-walls ideas with Red Bull, competing for the chance to have their dream brought to life. Launchpad let anyone, athlete or not, submit their big ideas in the form of a 30-second video. These ideas competed head-to-head with a jury of their peers voting on the best. The winner ended up being Joe Riddler and his crazy wingsuit obstacle course idea.

Gap Project Reindeer


During holiday, the eyes of the fashion world weren’t on the runways of Paris, New York or London – they were on a pasture full of deer in Minnesota. For five days in December, eight reindeer wired with GPS collars determined Gap’s holiday deals with help from daily challenges, tweets and one hunky zoologist.

Morgan Stanley #EagleUp


During the PGA Tour Golf Tournament, we launched the Eagles for Impact Challenge. For every eagle made during the tournament, Morgan Stanley donated $5,000 to the Ronald McDonald Family Room at Wolfson Children’s Hospital. We gave golf fans the opportunity to follow along and contribute to the challenge by scoring virtual eagles in a state-of-the-art golf simulator and sharing their posts with the hashtag #EagleUp.
We also broadcasted the entire tournament on the Morgan Stanley building signage in the heart of Times Square. Nearly 460,000 pedestrians in the area were able to watch the golf tournament, get updates on the number of eagles, and follow the player rankings on screens covering 13,000 square feet. The results: 37 eagles made and and $250K donated to the children's hospital.

Exxon Mobil Be An Engineer


Not enough young Americans, especially girls, are pursuing degrees in or graduating from engineering. ExxonMobil is committed to inspiring and preparing students to pursue engineering careers. We designed a site for Be An Engineer to build a greater understanding of the engineering field and the opportunities it offers. The site doubles as a social media hub for all the aggregated online content.

Google Local Guides


Google Local Guides is a program focused on building a community of over 54,000 Google Maps power reviewers in 3,000 cities worldwide, from New York to Taipei to Sao Paulo. Local Guides enhance Google’s local search data quality with ratings, tips, photos, and reviews, which in turn helps Google Maps' users to navigate and explore the world with confidence. We teamed up with the Google team to relaunch the Local Guides' product and brand.

Tunica Magazine


Creative, Art Direction and Set Design for the New York-based arts and culture mag Tunica issue n.4, where a new creative team is invited to reinterpret the design each issue. We started by addressing the structure of magazines. Designers typically construct articles by combining a title, text, quotes, and images. We decided to extract each element individually and present them in separate categories. This let the reader absorb the content in a more personal way—an editorial pick ’n’ mix, where they can choose how to read the issue.

gap international


Redesign proposal for Gap and Banana Republic franchises on foreign countries. The CMS allowed each country to switch content modules on and off with the website automatically getting rearranged. The design system was built in with a Gap and a Banana Republic brand skins.

GAP 1969


The 1969 Stream is a shopping experience build for iPad. It lets people explore and endless wall of denim inspiration. The redesign added filters and grid options to organize the content and a cleaner UI for better user experience also fitting editorial content packed in a digital magazine format downloadable within the App.

lancôme beauty counter


We created a CRM tool for taking the beauty advisor behind the counter and creating an engaging and inspiring relationship with the brand, the website was concepted and designed to be built around the consumers products and makeup colors sampled during the visit on retail, offering a completely personalized experience, make-up tutorials and assistance from the stylist.

camper mediterranean sneakers


Minisite for the new Camper's collection Mediterranean Sneakers. Dive into the ocean and get to paint, create images for you or sent to your friends while exploring the new collection.